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Hatching and eye development

As another day ticks by, we see that the larva has developed still further, hatching from its chorion. The eyes are now dark and pigmented and can be clearly made out along with the ears.  The dark mass in the

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Getting Ready to Hatch!

Here we go! The eggs have developed another day, and now the body parts are in full definition. Viewing under the microscope, you can see blood pumping through the circulatory system in vivid detail, as well as lots of movement

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We’ve got somites!

Here’s a nice image– after developing through the evening in our incubators, a much higher proportion of embryos have survived! You can clearly see many little spinal cords in our petri dishes now. Here is a close-up of what we

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Early Electric Fish Development

It’s starting! We’ve got another batch of fertilized eggs, now here at the lab instead of our satellite facility– they are developing more comfortably at highly controlled temperatures in our new incubator. You can see one of our new eggs

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Brienomyrus brachyistius spawning

Monica and I have been hard at work getting Brienomyrus brachyistius to breed again in the lab– we’ve been having great success with getting them spawning!  Over the past month, we’ve had hundreds of eggs.  Here is a video of

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